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The Secret & Its Principles

telling a secretThe Secret is changing my life and curing my depression. It can do the same for you!

First of all I think the author, Rhonda Byrne was brilliant for calling the book "The Secret". 

Sure it was a great marketing strategy because the title itself got people curious and everyone's always looking for some big secret to weight loss, happiness, wealth, you name it, right?

The negative side to it being called "The Secret" is that it instantly creates skeptics (which is still good marketing if you think about it because skepticism still creates publicity!) 

After all, if it's so easy to have all these things in life than why doesn't everyone use it and why aren't we all happy and rich?  And if it's so great why has this been kept a secret all these years?

The reality is, it isn't a secret.  People have been using these concepts for centuries. It's just that no one has ever consolidated all the material and put it in a form everyone can comprehend - until now.  So in a sense, it has been a secret because no one had really documented these concepts in this way.

Whether you believe in it or not, you are using the concept of The Secret right now.  And that's what's so awesome about it.  Even people who do not believe in it are proving that it works thanks to their negative thinking and skepticism.

I can guarantee you that every person who is living the life they desire will say The Secret works.  They may not realize they've been using it all this time, but when they find out what it teaches, they'll see that knew the secret all along.

OK, let me back up...

The Secret simply states this...

You create the life you imagine through the law of attraction.

Now you might say, "Wait a minute... I didn't want to be in debt.", or "I didn't want this crappy job", or "I didn't imagine this worthless marriage."  "So what do you mean I imagined this?"

Of course no one sits around saying, "I want the worst marriage possible!" or "I imagined this crappy job." But often times you end up in these less than desirable situations because of the thoughts you have about yourself and/or the world around you.  In many cases, these thoughts have been going for years and you have no idea how they've shaped your world...

Until today!

Here's an example...

Jackie is complaining to her friend that she always seems to fall in love with bad guys and/or men that treat her wrong. 

She feels life isn't fair and that God is punishing her by sending her the wrong man all the time.  So she becomes bitter and believes that all men are dogs and she'll never find anyone good.

(wish granted)

Jackie doesn't realize it, but she's using The Secret right there.  She just told herself and firmly believes that she will never find a good man so her wish is her command.

It would be much more difficult for Jackie to realize that maybe her self esteem needs to improve.  Maybe if she thought more of herself she would ignore the bad guys and aim to find a man that would treat her right.

People with low self esteem attract mates with low self esteem.  That's the law of attraction working perfectly.  If Jackie really valued herself, she would attract better people.  Does this mean she would never meet an idiot along the way?


But when she did, she wouldn't stick around or even start a relationship with him, and she'd move on to find someone who will treat her better instead of staying with the jerk and complaining about all men being dogs.

The bottom line...

People with low self esteem are using The Secret too.  When you believe you are unattractive, worthless, not good enough to attract a good person, you only attract more people into your life who feel the same way. 

That's why it's no coincidence all or many of your relationships have negative similarities.  That's why the friends you attract have similar problems.  They too have low self esteem.  Like attracts like.

Look at your friends and the people you associate with.  What about them don't you like?  It's very likely you have the same issues.  Something about you, attracted them into your life.  Are they always complaining?  (Do you complain too?)  Are they insecure about things? (Are you insecure too?)  Are they always talking about negative things? (Are you always negative?)

I know it's tough to hear, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Why So Many Skeptics of The Secret?

The reason I believe people think The Secret can't work for them is that they don't want to admit that they have to alter the way that they think.  It's so easy to blame the world for your problems or blame a friend, your family, your job, etc.   Sometimes it's very difficult to point the finger at yourself and say "Hey, maybe I'm a big part of the problem.  Maybe my thinking needs to change."

Think about it...

Have you ever noticed when you ask someone about a car wreck, they almost never blame themselves?  It was always the other person's fault.  "She pulled out in front of me." or "She stopped suddenly."  Most people never say, "I wasn't paying attention and I hit the car in front of me." or "I was tailgating and didn't give myself enough room to stop in time."

Now don't get me wrong.  Sometimes an accident is not your fault, but the point I'm trying to make is that we are conditioned to blame other people for our problems.  And that's unfortunate because you can't change other people.  But you can change yourself and how you think.

So as a result, many people don't even want to attempt to try The Secret because it's so much easier to play the victim and accept that it's someone else's fault for your situation.

So when you say to yourself, "The Secret" doesn't work.  You just applied its basic principle and you know what...

You're right, it won't ever work for you as long as you feel that way!

"So I Can Imagine a Car And I'll Get It????  That Sounds Silly!"

At first it does, but if you understand how The Secret works, it's not silly at all.  The DVD explains that one of the steps to getting what you want is to start visualizing it in great detail. 

It used the example of a man visualizing his dream car.  The Secret says, don't just think about the car.  Close your eyes, imagine all the details, and then visualize yourself having it now!

When you truly believe you can have something, then it will manifest eventually.

And I don't mean a car is going to magically appear in your driveway two seconds after the visualization exercise.  (And if it does, wow, The Secret is really working for you!  But let's keep it real... that is not going to happen.)

Here's is where The Secret continues to work true to form.  Most people don't really believe they can have whatever it is they truly want.  Imagination is one thing, but belief/faith is another.  So guess what, as soon as the doubt sets in then the law of attraction continues to work and it's like canceling your request.

If you truly be-lieeeeeeeve you can have something you will do whatever you can to make that goal happen.  You will take risks, you will come out of your comfort zone, you will not give up when faced with failure.  Things will begin to line up accordingly.  Unfortunately most people don't believe their dream can come true because they can't see how it's going to manifest.

They'll ask for it, but then start thinking about all the things that will make it difficult to obtain.  (costs, degree of difficulty, the length of time it's going to take, etc.)  So guess what?  The law of attraction keeps on working and cancels that dream.

But what's great about The Secret is that you don't have to understand how it's going to manifest.  Just know in your heart that it will show up and that's all you really have to do.  But the minute you start thinking about all the reasons it can't show up, you are cancelling your dream immediately.

But if you really believe you can have that dream car, you will act differently.  If you need money, you will be more assertive in finding ways to earn the money.  Maybe it's trying for a promotion at your new job. 

Perhaps you'll start saving and managing your money better.  You will do what you can to make that dream happen.  But the key point is, you continue believing you will have it the entire time.

Think About Successful People

I love hearing stories of people who have reached their ultimate goal, whether they are entertainers, entrepreneurs, etc.  Have you ever noticed that one common thread in many of their stories is how they always believed they'd eventually get what they wanted?  They usually talk about how they never gave in when rejection came because they always knew they'd reach their goal somehow.

Somehow is the key word in that sentence!  You don't have to know howYou only have to believe.

Think about all the famous singers and actors who talked about dreaming of being an entertainer and also knowing that one day they'd be on someone's stage or in a movie.   Of course they didn't know how it was going to manifest, but they kept believing and so the law of attraction began working in their favor. Things started to line up.

Some people call it coincidences. I now know it as the "law of attraction."

Do you really believe you can have what you want or are you just imagining it briefly and then focusing on how it's going to be too difficult to obtain?  If the latter is true, you've just discovered why you haven't obtained many of the things you want in life and guess what?

You're still using The Secret, just in a negative way.

But the good news is, you can change that... starting today. :)

Get The Secret DVD Immediately!

I hope I've shed some light on how The Secret works.  Don't let the title fool you.  It's really no secret and you've already been using it in your life whether you realize it or not.  And if you've used it to produce negative results, now you can learn how to reverse it and use it for positive things.

It really has changed my life by simply altering the way I think.  I used to be an extreme skeptic and negative person, but as soon as I learned how my thoughts were shaping my life, The Secret helped me turn that around.

Watch the trailer for the DVD below.  I have to admit, when I first saw it, it turned me off because I didn't understand how Thomas Edison and all these people from centuries ago were going to change my life around. The video seemed more than odd. LOL 

But after watching the DVD, I understand that they were simply using the law of attraction and their dreams manifested.  The actual DVD presentation of The Secret looks nothing like the trailer below.  The DVD contains a group of stories from people who credit The Secret for their success.  They show you how it worked for them and how you can apply it to your life.

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